About Gil D’Harcour

Gil D’Harcour is a 50 years old French national who is a member of Foodservice Consultant Society International, and the co-founder of the only F&B online platform in Indonesia

Gil imagines, designs and manages multiple outlets for the last twenty years, from cafes, fine dining to hotel outlets.

Started his career in F&B department in Accor Group in Thailand with Novotel as Assistant F&B manager and ended up years later as a General Manager in 1994 for an upscale entertainment outlet in Jakarta. From 1994 till 2014, Gil created 30 restaurant or bars concepts in Indonesia, and has advised prominent businessmen in Indonesia in developing foodservice.


Our Expertise

Concept and Design Development
Personality and Charm is what make a person memorable, and that is exactly the same for a restaurant
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Technical Assistance
A foodservice consultant represents the ideal communication bridge between architects, contractors, kitchen contractors and the investor
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Business Plan
A straight forward business plan, highlighting risks and opportunities will simply put on the tables all the data everyone should know
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Recruitment and Training
We will hire your management team through a selection based on attitude and skills
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Locating the problems and their sources is what makes a consultant useful , right in the beginning of his services.
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Tell us about your F&B dreams and your operation concerns.

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