Personality and Charm is what make a person memorable, and that is exactly the same for a restaurant


Developing a new concept is a journey filled with uncertainties but also excitement. It is important to guide the investor in visualizing and anticipate how can a specific market respond to a new concept. During the concept development stage it is important to go hand in hand with the investor and to come up with a hand-crafted product that will meet both financial requirements but also with that right dose of innovation to compete in the market.
Operational requirements, space allocation, flow of products, all technical aspects prior to any construction should be justified and it is our specialty.

Let’s not forget that a restaurant without the right tableware or buffet accessories is like an unfashionable person. Further to the basic foodservices facilities, we love to dress up your outlet and give it the right personality to catch the attention of the consumer.

Independent restaurants conceptualization. Franchise concept. Hotel Outlets. Institutional facilities. Kitchen layout. Procurement services.

What is in the mind of a designer is not always what is in the mind of a contractor


Because we imagine and we design all facilities related with foodservice, we know how it should look like on the field and we ensure that the original concept planned is materialized before the eyes of the investor.

A foodservice consultant represents the ideal communication bridge between architects, contractors, kitchen contractors and the investor to ensure the job is delivered in a timely and concise manner.

Pre Opening coordination services. Auditing of existing construction plan. Budget control related with foodservices back and front of the house facilities.

Anything the investor should know before starting spending


A good concept will only survive if everything has been anticipated prior to the construction. A straight forward business plan, highlighting risks and opportunities will simply put on the tables all the data everyone should know in terms of marketing and public relations, operational requirements, financial projections and of course about anything that could go wrong.

Marketing Plan. Business development strategy. Financial projections. Investment forecast. Manpower strategy.

A good looking” restaurant with unqualified or underpaid employees and managers will certainly not bring the expected returns to its investor


We will hire your management team through a selection based on attitude and skills. Analyzing academic and practical past experiences of management candidates require a deep knowledge of all areas of expertise within the foodservice business. We will build what we think is your most adequate human infrastructure for your particular type of food business and set the standards operating procedures manual.

Recruitment & Hiring process. Questionnaire review. Food tasting. Executive Search. S.O.P manual.

Past the honeymoon period that starts before the opening and last generally a few months, operation problems start to arise and bring suddenly clouds, it is never too late to react and bring all actors back on stage and act


Early Detection is the right word when trouble arises in operation and affect directly the financial results. Locating the problems and their sources is what makes a consultant useful , right in the beginning of his services.

Years of practical experiences brings to us this capacity to act swiftly when an operation is facing turbulences.

Financial and Operational Audit.